Polly Bronstein

Polly Bronstein is the executive director of The One Hundred Initiative and the author of the book “How I Became a Moderate – A Journey from Left to Center”. Bronstein is also the founder and former executive director of “Darkenu”, a non-partisan civil society movement, and the former executive director of “OneVoice Israel.” Before that, […]

Dr. Michal Tabibian Mizrahi

Michal served as director of strategy and planning at the Ministry of Education, and before that as the division head in the Department of Governance and Society in the Prime Minister’s Office. She is among the founders of the Knesset’s Research and Information Center. She edited the government planning guide and led the formulation of […]

Tehila Friedman

Member of the 24th Knesset on behalf of the Blue and White alliance. Former chair of “Ne’emanei Torah va’Avodah”, a modern Orthodox movement promoting pluralism and democracy, and the chair and founder of the “Yerushalmit Movement”, which sought to promote tolerance, cooperation and social and cultural engagement between Jerusalem’s diverse communities. Managed the Mack Ness […]

Meytal Zaydman

Previously VP of operations at the “Darkenu” movement and VP of the Movement for Public Journalism. In her previous role, she facilitated growth and change processes at various NPOs for the Tzivoni Foundation. Social activist for over a decade and co-founder of the “Bar Kayma” cooperative. Before that, Meytal worked as a researcher for various […]

Dr. Reut Fingher-Dasberg

Lawyer and doctor of political sciences. Holds an LL.B. with honors from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and pursued a direct Ph.D. track at Tel Aviv University. Social activist, lecturer and leader of community initiatives. Former director at the “Israel 2050” movement. Reut lives in Binyamina, she is married to Omer and has three children.

Oriel Eshed Meskin

Oriel was the director of the “National Taskforce” project on behalf of the Ministry for Social Equality, in partnership with the National Union of Israeli Students. Holds a bachelor's degree in law and education from the Hebrew University and a master’s degree in organizational development from Reichman University. As a lawyer, she specialized in education […]

Amichai Danino

Amichai has extensive experience in public and business strategy. Leading dozens of projects in both public and private sector as a senior manager at Deloitte Strategy and as an executive assistant to the CEO at IDB Group. Amichai currently serves as a deputy-CEO at Invocap.

Noa Miller

Former parliamentary assistant to MK Tehila Friedman. Co-founder of the selective “Responsible for Each Other ” initiative that sought to connect senior thought-leaders from the Religious Zionist camp with Jewish communities around the world. Managed the resources and Diaspora relationship team of “Ne’emanei Torah va’Avodah”. Project manager and logistics coordinator for the “Kolot” beit midrash […]

כך נבנה מחדש את ישראל

מאז ה-8 באוקטובר אנו עובדים ביוזמת המאה על מסמך מתעדכן שמטרתו לקדם שיקום ובנייה מחדש של מדינת ישראל בהיבטים פוליטיים, ממשלתיים וחברתיים.

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