A Cohesive Society
A Flourishing State

Building Israel’s Center

Our Story

Israel is a successful and flourishing state, with unparalleled achievements that inspire people from around the world. But it is also facing enormous domestic and international challenges. We are trapped in a social and political crisis that is impacting our ability to safeguard this upward trajectory and to maintain the promise of a safe and successful future for Israel’s citizens and the Jewish people as a whole.

The social cohesion crisis and the absence of state governance are endangering Israel. The various solutions proposed by the left and right offer a narrow and incomplete perspective that perpetuates the political impasse and leaves a gaping hole in the center of Israeli public life.

The One Hundred Initiative is a politically independent civil society organization that seeks to address the crises facing Israeli politics and society by advancing a comprehensive centrist agenda that meets the needs of our present moment. The initiative is a partnership between senior figures from Israel’s tech industry, business sector, public sector and third sector, and it seeks to be a home for fresh ideas, policies and leadership that will shape a new Israeli paradigm.

The Israeli Crisis

The One Hundred Initiative is developing tools and solutions to tackle both major crises that threaten Israel’s future – the social cohesion crisis and the governance crisis.

Social Cohesion Crisis

The absence of a baseline Israeli consensus holds back the various constituent parts of Israeli society from working together to face the social and national challenges facing us.

Heightened Tribalism

Superficial and divisive agenda with few points of commonality between different groups in society, combined with public, political and media discourse that incentivizes polarization and extremism.

Collapse of the “Socioeconomic Contract”

Inequality of opportunity, cost of living, an inadequate safety net and a declining belief in the maxim that hard work leads to success.

Cultural Gaps

Increased tensions between religious and secular, liberals and conservatives, Jews and Arabs, Ashkenazis and Sephardis.

Governance Crisis

The gulf between the size and complexity of the challenges facing the state, and the ability and capacity of the state’s institutions and governing figures to tackle them successfully.

Absence of Long-Term Planning

In its current constellation, the system is designed to incentivize measures that provide an immediate return, shorn of any national socioeconomic vision or policies to protect future generations.

Crisis of Trust and Negative Public Image of State Institutions

Declining state-level capabilities and proficiency, an absence of transparency, accountability, diversity and leadership by example.

Erosion of Public Sector Efficacy

Public services that fail to provide solutions to challenges, inefficient organizational structures and processes, a system that obstructs and hinders change and development.

Our Beliefs

We believe that tackling these crises and building a brighter future is only possible througha moderate, strong and influential political center with a secureand long-term mandate to lead the country while building new alliances and partnerships.

We believe that this center must rest on a focused, watertight and detailed vision, and that it must put forward new and relevant solutions to the challenges of government and society.

We do not consider centrism to be a position of compromise or a midpoint between two ideologies. It is neithersimplisticnor simplified. It is a whole worldof beliefs, ideasandperspectives –of theoriesand practice.

We also believe the center is the spiritual homeof the majority of the Israeli public, which seeks to balance the inherent complexities and tensionsof life in Israel and to live within and among them in harmony, neither ignoring them nor seeking to eliminate them.

That is why we wish to put an end to the constant disqualifying discourse around what is not possible, and to propose in its place a center ground with a clear vision of what is possible that rests on ideologically sound and practical foundations.

Our Mission

To tackle the crisis, The One Hundred Initiative has developed a platform for practical measures, initiatives and organizations that work together and apart to advance a centrist Israeli identity and policy that will lay the groundworkto overcomethe challenges facing our society and our country.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Drafting and advancing policy

Formulating and elaborating ideas

Developing identity and leadership

The Initiative’s Organizations

Manor Center

The Manor Center is a research, policy and impact organization working to enhance social cohesion and government efficiency. Manor develops centric policy, proposals and ideas working to effect change, and works at multiple arenas, such as - government, civil society, media and the legal system.

Libba Center

The Libba Center seeks to build a philosophy, language, awareness and public leadership for the Israeli ideological center. Libba works to develop ideas, provide subject-specific training and empower a professional and socially minded generation of leaders to advance the Jewish-democratic centrist agenda.

Revadim Forum

The Revadim Forum is building social leadership within the Israeli tech sector, leveraging the human and technological capital in the sector to address challenges facing Israeli society, government and the economy.


The Team

פולי ברונשטיין
Polly Bronstein
Executive Director
עותק של מיכל טביביאן-מזרחי 1
Dr. Michal Tabibian Mizrahi
Head of Manor Center
עותק של תהלה פרידמן 1
Tehila Friedman
Head of Libba Center
עותק של מיטל זיידמן 1
Meytal Zaydman
Chief of Staff
עותק של רעות פינגר-דסברג
Dr. Reut Fingher-Dasberg
Director of Policy and Law, Manor Center
Oriel Eshed Meskin
Director, Libba Center
WhatsApp Image 2022-06-27 at 13.08.54 (1)
Amichai Danino
Research Fellow – Public Finance and Planning, Manor Center
עותק של נעה מילר
Noa Miller
Head of Logistics

Executive Committee and Partners

רן שריג
Ran Sarig
Co-founder and Director of the Executive Board
תמונה דורון לבנת
Doron Livnat
Co-founder and Member of the Executive Board
אפי כהן (1) 1
Efi Cohen
Co-founder and Member of the Executive Board
שי-לי שפיגלמן
Shai-Lee Spigelman
Member of the Executive Board
עותק של אודי פראוור 1
Ehud Prawer
Co-founder and Member of the Executive Board
שרית פירון (1) 1
Sarit Firon
Member of the Executive Board
יאיר טל 1
Yair Tal
Co-founder and Member of the Executive Board
אפרת שפרוט 1
Efrat Shaprut
Member of the Executive Board
דונה רז לוי
Dona Raz Levy
President of “The One Hundred Forum”


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