Oriel was the director of the “National Taskforce” project on behalf of the Ministry for Social Equality, in partnership with the National Union of Israeli Students.
Holds a bachelor's degree in law and education from the Hebrew University and a master’s degree in organizational development from Reichman University.
As a lawyer, she specialized in education and administrative law. She previously worked as a homeroom teacher at a Branco Weiss school for at-risk students in Bat Yam.
Oriel is married and has a daughter.

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מאז ה-8 באוקטובר אנו עובדים ביוזמת המאה על מסמך מתעדכן שמטרתו לקדם שיקום ובנייה מחדש של מדינת ישראל בהיבטים פוליטיים, ממשלתיים וחברתיים.

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