Member of the 24th Knesset on behalf of the Blue and White alliance.
Former chair of “Ne’emanei Torah va’Avodah”, a modern Orthodox movement promoting pluralism and democracy, and the chair and founder of the “Yerushalmit Movement”, which sought to promote tolerance, cooperation and social and cultural engagement between Jerusalem’s diverse communities.
Managed the Mack Ness Fund of the Jewish Federation of New Jersey and was director of Diaspora programs at the Hartman Institute and of the fellows program at the Shaharit Institute. Started out as an advisor to Natan Sharansky when he was minister of Diaspora affairs and was a fellow at the Mandel Leadership Institute.
Holds an LL.M., as well as possessing extensive Torah knowledge. Lives in Jerusalem and is a mother to five children.

כך נבנה מחדש את ישראל

מאז ה-8 באוקטובר אנו עובדים ביוזמת המאה על מסמך מתעדכן שמטרתו לקדם שיקום ובנייה מחדש של מדינת ישראל בהיבטים פוליטיים, ממשלתיים וחברתיים.

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