Ran Sarig

Experienced tech entrepreneur. Co-founder and CEO of Datorama, a multinational tech company that was acquired by Salesforce in 2018. Former senior VP at Salesforce. Investor in numerous tech companies. Ran is married and a father to three daughters.

Doron Livnat

Serial social entrepreneur with an emphasis on education, welfare and the common good in Israel. Manages international family-owned businesses and serves on the board of a great number of international business corporations. Invested in numerous successful international startups and global projects. Holds a degree in economics, international trade and logistics from DAV Bremen in Germany. […]

Efi Cohen

Tech entrepreneur. Former CEO of Salesforce’s R&D center in Israel, and before that he was a co-founder and CTO of Datorama, which was acquired by Salesforce in 2018. Efi has 22 years of experience in development and management of leading products and teams in the tech industry. He was the first employee at Eyeblaster (Mediamind/Sizmek) […]

Shai-Lee Spigelman

Until recently, Shai-Lee was the director general of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology. In her previous role, she led the national “Digital Israel” initiative.| Shai-Lee has extensive experience in the tech industry: In her most recent role before entering public service, she was the VP marketing at the Microsoft R&D center, and before […]

Ehud Prawer

Served as deputy director general for governance and social affairs in the Prime Minister’s Office and as acting civil service commissioner. Former deputy head of the National Security Council (NSC), deputy chief education officer in the Education Corps and principal of the Gymnasia Ha’ivrit High School in Jerusalem.

Sarit Firon

Sarit Firon is a managing partner and executive at the Team8 Capital venture capital fund, the investment arm of the Team8       Group. Sarit has over 27 years’ experience in executive positions and on the boards of directors of leading tech companies in Silicon Valley, New York and Tel Aviv. Sarit was the […]

Yair Tal

CEO of BLEND Localization. Formerly senior vice president at Payoneer and head of its global enterprise work, first from San Francisco and later from Hong Kong. Expert in fintech, consulting for global corporations on payment solutions and regulation. Further in the past, he managed the US desk of the Jewish Agency’s Israel Experience and was […]

Efrat Shaprut

Efrat is the CEO of NATAL – the Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center, an organization that provides treatment and support to victims of trauma resulting from terrorism and war in Israel. Before that, she was the CEO of the Opportunity Fund and of ELEM, a nonprofit dedicated to at-risk youth. Efrat was a member and […]

Dona Raz Levy

דונה רז לוי

Head of public affairs for emerging markets at Google, Dona works across South America, the Middle East and Africa. She previously held a range of positions in the public and third sectors in Israel. She worked at the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation, before she moved to ELNET, which works to build strategic partnerships […]

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